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Visit Casamance in Senegal with the Papayer Ecolodge Hotel in Cap Skirring

There, all is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness.

C. Baudelaire

In conjunction with the best referenced guides that we recommend for their skills in Casamance, Ziguinchor and Cap Skirring, the Ecolodge hotel The Papayer organizes and updates each year, a program of discovery excursions adapted to the centers of interest of our guests. Visits to unique sites, not yet referenced in tourist guides for discover and understand : history of Casamance and its villages, ancestral art and culture of the different ethnic groups present in Casamance, traditions, festivals and ceremonies specific to beliefs and mystics...

The Papayer Ecolodge hotel in Cap Skirring also offers Kitesurf safari to explore the best spots of sea kitesurfing and bolongs in Casamance depending on the wind conditions and period. From Pointe de Nikine, to the mouth of the Casamance, Carabane Island and Diogué, Pointe Saint-George, Boudédiète at the border with Guinea-Bissau... We ensure the transport of kitesurfing equipment, participants and guides in a 4x4 pickup, in a canoe... with all the necessary comfort and safety.

The Papayer Ecolodge provides photo safari excursions in a 4x4 pickup and sport fishing in a pirogue to discover totally wild and preserved bolongs in a mangrove swamp intact. Visit of the islands of Carabane, Illol, Boune... from the manatee belvedere at Pointe Saint-Georges, safe climb in a giant cheese maker to reach a platform 25m high and overlook the Casamance at 360°.

Meanders of bolongs, mysterious villages, fishermen in canoes on the immense river, increasingly immense until the sea, majestic outcome of this aquatic world. The Papayer Ecolodge hotel invites you into this majestic universe.

Cap Skirring Casamance
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Casamance Senegal excursions from Cap Skirring

We organize for our guests and clients personalized excursion programs for the day or over several days. We take your preferences into account, 4x4 pickup and pirogue circuit on the Casamance, fishing and discovery of magical places. Plan a departure in the morning after breakfast and a return in the evening for dinner.
Our excursion program is constantly being adapted. Each year, new excursions are added thanks to the discovery of unique unlisted and unknown sites. We favor meetings and exchanges with the population to share new adventures : gastronomy and local specialties, discovery of the islands, initiation to traditional dances, ceremonies and festivals animists, hikes and discovery of the flora and fauna of Casamance. Not to mention the night outings and getaways at Cap Skirring to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the village.

Safari Photos Cap Skirring Casamance Senegal

For photography enthusiasts, The Papayer Ecolodge hotel in Cap Skirring organizes days and photo safari courses on the themes of your choice : portraits, nature, street photography and reports. How to build your subject ? How to master light and composition, how to edit it... We have everything digital material to view your photographs on the big screen at Papayer Ecolodge. Debriefing every evening and presentation and viewing of each person's subjects. Remember to take your cameras, lenses and binoculars!

Cap Skirring fishing in Casamance Senegal

You can practice surf casting fishing directly from Papayer Ecolodge beach. We have all the fishing equipment for symbolic rental. For to practice sport fishing at sea or in the bolongs of the Casamance river, a canoe excursion with a departure in the morning is necessary. We offer outings from trolling for large catches : Barracudas, Captains, Trevally, Red carp and landed in the bolongs of Edge, Cachouane, Elenkine, Carabane, Itou. Every sinner is asked to practice No Kill for too small catches.

Cap Skirring 4x4 pickup excursions Casamance

The Papayer Ecolodge 4x4 pickup is available to our guests for transfers and trips to Cap Skirring and Casamance. The 4x4 pickup can be hired with a driver and a guide for excursions. The price of the excursions varies according to the season and the destinations. The Pickup can transport up to 9 people plus a driver in complete safety : 3 people in the cabin and 6 people in a convertible top on bench seats in the back.

KiteSurf Cap Skirring Casamance Senegal

The Papayer Ecolodge hotel in Cap Skirring is located facing the ocean on the seaside in Casamance. The beach and the exceptional weather conditions allow kitesurfing. This kitesurf spot exceptional is reserved for our guests to practice their passion. The Papayer Ecolodge spot is for beginners or experienced enthusiasts preferably. The ideal period to practice kite goes from January to April-May with winds often 10 to 20 knots, see more. The wind is generally side-on and pushes towards the south for perfect wrinkles towards Guinea-Bissau. Each kite surfer is asked to come with his equipment. We do not rent kite equipment and do not provide training for beginners. The spot is preferably aimed at enthusiasts confirmed with their equipment. For more information : The Papayer Kitesurf Paradise spot in Cap Skirring Senegal.

Ecotourism Casamance Senegal and Ornithology

Ornithology and eco-tourism, hikes and discovery of the fauna and the forest of Casamance. The birds of Casamance : Pelicans, Barbary Gonoleks, Storks, Fishing Eagles, Amaranths, Rollers from Abyssinia... Exceptional wild fauna and biodiversity. Discovery of the flora of Casamance, trees and medicinal plants, visit of the ecopark with guide... Visit of a workshop of artisanal cashew processing in Oussouye.