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An exceptional setting on the seaside at Cap Skirring in Casamance Senegal © Le Papayer Ecolodge beach hotel Cap Skirring.

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The Papayer Ecolodge

There, all is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness.

C. Baudelaire

The Papayer Ecolodge seaside hotel in Cap Skirring supports the initiative of local authorities: Cap Skirring has obtained Green Globe certification in favor of sustainable tourism. Local authorities are very sensitive to ecotourism to help people discover the region. Ecotourism is one of the themes of the major donors: Embassies, AFD (French Development Agency), UNDP ...

The Papayer Ecolodge hotel in Cap Skirring joins the entire community of tourism stakeholders. The challenge is to promote and develop Casamance and Senegal through a quality sustainable tourism. The Quality Charter of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel is part of this logic of sustainable development.

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History of the Papayer Ecolodge Hotel Cap Skirring Senegal

Two years ago, the land of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel was only a strip of land between sea and rice field which only served the inhabitants of the surrounding villages to harvest firewood to cook. Over time, these samples have made the forest disappear. Since the start of construction in 2015/2016, The Ecolodge hotel has replanted many trees, plants and flowers ... around 250 on this one hectare site. Nature has taken back its rights. The stake was to safeguard and preserve this exceptional environment and its eco system to offer our guests an exceptional setting with all the necessary comfort and modernity. The constructions of the Ecolodge hotel meet European standards: electricity, septic tank, water supply and management, waste management. Today the bet has been taken to propose a quality accommodation in perfect harmony with our environment.

Opportunities and sharing at Papayer Ecolodge

There are many exchanges between the Papayer Ecolodge hotel and the surrounding villages, Diembering, Boukot, Cap Skirring, Cabrousse. The food autonomy of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel is mainly ensured thanks to small market gardeners and local fishermen. The maintenance of the hotel, the site and its improvement involve craftsmen from the villages: carpenters, masons, painters, electricians, but also artists for entertainment and shows: musicians, dancers, ... These exchanges make it possible to raise awareness of the "finite" resources that nature offers permanently and without taking into account that it is now necessary to preserve: creation of solar cookers, water conservation, counterproductive use of detergents and washing powders. The hotel's solar-wind mixture that we have implemented ensures our autonomy and is the subject of regular visits by the authorities and the owners of surrounding hotels and camps.

Papayer Ecolodge development projects

The Papayer Ecolodge beach hotel Cap Skirring is investing in the installation of solar ovens, the popularization of their manufacture and use in villages to avoid cutting the firewood. The installation of a second wind turbine at the Papayer Ecolodge hotel will raise awareness and ensure that our energy is supplied to neighboring structures. The ramp-up of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel nursery will make it possible to offer solutions for reforestation of species in cleared areas. Awareness of the dangers of using polluting products and the proposal of substitute products to preserve the ecosystem. Preserving water through the establishment of a Optimal and controlled sprinkler system.

Environmental protection at Papayer Ecolodge

The mixed solar + wind energy of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel ensures energy autonomy 24 hours a day for the site as a whole. Intelligent waste management and plastics: sorting, compost ... ensures the protection of the water table with the ban on the use of soaps, mushrooms, washing powders and polluting detergents (replacement by substitute products provided on site). The creation of solar ovens makes it possible to limit the cutting of bush wood. Preservation and control of the use of fishery resources (watering, shower, WC) allows us to control our water dependence. The development of the nursery, vegetable garden and fruit trees of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel makes it possible to raise awareness of natural composting techniques ...

Quality of food at Papayer Ecolodge

The food is organic by definition, the supply is local. No pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals are used at the Ecolodge hotel Le Papaya. Essentially composed of fish, rice and fruits, it offers a perfect energy balance. The equipped kitchen of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel allows you to cook according to your desires and habits: European cuisine but also specialized African: Tieboudien, tiebouyab, Caldou, Kandia soup, mafé, grilled fish. An excellent cook is available. African specialty specific to the hotel's ecosystem: “Tiapettes”, small fish that are found in the rice fields during the rainy season. The sea, facing the Papayer Ecolodge hotel allows you to feed on a wide variety of fish: captains, barracudas, etc. The garden of the Papayer Ecolodge hotel, vegetable garden and fruit trees are also welcome: tomatoes, bananas, watermelons, lemons, grapefruit, coconut ... Nature is very prolific and generous.

Socio-economic benefits in Casamance

All the fittings and work carried out at the Papayer Ecolodge hotel involve craftsmen from the surrounding villages. The wages paid to these craftsmen are more higher than the local average. We have at our disposal a pool of craftsmen and artists that we regularly involve for the decoration, maintenance and animation of the Ecolodge hotel Le Papaya. Our economic model allows us to experiment with an ecologically sustainable approach, but also and above all economically viable, while being socially fair and ethically fair. It is fundamental that all the actors can find their way around and work in a innovative and positive state of mind. The welcome of our guests and the quality of services offered at the hotel go hand in hand with this state of mind, for the happiness of all. No detail is left to chance to improve and maintain the Papayer Ecolodge hotel.